About Me

Paul Benevente is a sales representative, entrepreneur, and former United States Army engineer from Williamsburg, Virginia. Benevente grew up in Suffolk County, New York, and graduated from Florida State University. The seasoned sales representative is a district manager for a leading retail apparel and fashion label.

Aside from his work, he avidly supports numerous charities, including the American Humane Society. His hobbies and interests range from cars—namely Mini Coopers—to music, running, and fitness, where he is a passionate weightlifter. A lifelong sports fan, his favorite teams include the New York Jets and New York Yankees.

Current Role & Duties

L'Amy America Eyewear

Experienced sales representative Benevente is a L'Amy America Eyewear district manager. L'Amy America Eyewear is a part of International Luxury Group, one of the world's leading retail apparel and fashion companies. L'Amy America develops eyewear for brands such as Anne Taylor, Ben Sherman, Champion, Nicole Miller, and Sperry.

L'Amy America's dedicated team strives to provide customers with the highest levels of service and support. The company pushes the boundaries of product design, innovation, and quality. Multi-award-winning L'Amy America is widely recognized for its exceptional company values. It has its headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut.

As a sales representative and district manager for L'Amy America, Paul Benevente focuses on client communications, corporate presentations, and new business development. That is in addition to a raft of core sales-focused duties and responsibilities.

Career History

Sports Plus, Inc.

Before joining L'Amy America, Benevente was a territory manager for Sports Plus, Inc. in Chantilly, Virginia. Apparel company Sports Plus, Inc. is a full-service sporting goods supplier. The company boasts a strong community interest and unparalleled dedication to its customers. It specializes in custom screen printing and embroidery.

Benevente spent over five years at Sports Plus, Inc. as a territory manager and field representative. As a field representative, he was responsible for outfitting athletic teams with uniforms, footwear, and other sporting equipment. He maintained an excellent relationship with the internationally renowned sportswear brand, Under Armour.

Hampton Roads Business Machines

Seasoned sales representative, entrepreneur, and former United States Army engineer Benevente previously worked at Hampton Roads Business Machines in Chesapeake, Virginia. Later buying and taking over the firm, he sold Hampton Roads Business Machines in 2013 to explore other opportunities.

Data Agents

Prior to his efforts at Hampton Roads Business Machines, Sports Plus, Inc., and L'Amy America, Benevente spent six years in law enforcement sales at Williamsburg, Virginia-based Data Agents.

Academic Background

Lindenhurst High School

New York native Paul Benevente studied at Lindenhurst High School in his Suffolk County hometown. Lindenhurst High School is a public high school on the shore of Long Island in New York. It is the Lindenhurst Union Free School District's only high school.

Florida State University

After graduating from Lindenhurst High School, Benevente studied at Florida State University. Florida State University in Tallahassee is a senior member of the State University System of Florida. Founded in 1851, it exists on the oldest continuous site of higher education in the Sunshine State.

It maintains an official designation as a preeminent research university by the Florida Legislature. Following his graduation from Florida State University, Benevente joined the United States Army as an engineer.


Benevente has achieved considerable success in many other areas of his life besides his entrepreneurial and sales achievements. That includes a United States Army engineer.

As a U.S. Army engineer, he was deployed for a project in Kwajalein in the Republic of the Marshall Islands in 1991. The following year, he was further deployed as a member of a civic action team, again to the Marshall Islands atoll of Kwajalein. Among his other deployments was a mission to Laos in Southeast Asia.

After completing his military service, Benevente pursued a career in law enforcement sales. As a seasoned sales professional, he remains focused on providing a conduit from his clients' products and services to their target markets.

Associations & Memberships

Paul Benevente is a member of the William and Mary Quarterback Club. The William and Mary Quarterback Club in Williamsburg, Virginia, is the official booster club for the William & Mary Tribe college football team. Chartered in 1693, the College of William & Mary is a cutting-edge research university and the second-oldest higher education institution in the United States.

Elsewhere, he is the president of Berkeley's Green Owners Association. An active homeowner association, it oversees numerous social events throughout the year. The neighborhood of Berkeley's Green enjoys a wide range of amenities. These amenities comprise a clubhouse, picnic area, playground, swimming pool, tennis courts, walking paths, and biking trails.

Benevente has previously served as a Colonial Italian American Organization board member. The Colonial Italian American Organization is Virginia's premier membership organization for those passionate about Italian culture and treasuring Italy's past and present. It does so through cultural events, social activities, and more.

Charitable Involvement

Benevente is closely involved with various good causes. Charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes backed by Benevente include the American Humane Society, the American Heart Association, the William and Mary Quarterback Club, and Franny's Friends.

Franny's Friends in Lumberton, North Carolina, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping rescued animals in the southeasternmost part of North Carolina and elsewhere. In addition to donating to Franny's Friends, Benevente has also adopted several dogs from the dedicated animal rescue.

Personal Life

Paul Benevente is a New York native, now based in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Benevente enjoys an eclectic mix of hobbies and other interests. Some of his many interests are Mini Coopers, fitness, running, 80s and 90s music, whiskey, and sports. Fitness-wise, he is the most passionate about weightlifting.

Benevente first embraced weightlifting while in high school playing sports. Decades later, he continues to credit weightlifting as an excellent stress reliever and a way to stay healthy. Lifelong sports fan Benevente was born and raised in the pretty village of Lindenhurst in New York. Although no longer based in the Empire State, his favorite sports teams remain the New York Jets, New York Islanders, and New York Yankees.

He currently lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, with his wife, Anna. The couple will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 2023.